Like many old palaces situated in the old capital of Mdina, the fabled Palazzo de Piro is proudly bestowed with a long history of succession, ownership and character. The present palazzo is a 17 th Century imposing structure huddled in the bastions of Mdina and neighbouring the majestic baroque Cathedral.

Originally the area of the present building was occupied by three separate houses with the oldest parts forming a clutter of houses with the residence of the Falca family and its earliest known member being Marciano who by 1429 served as a jury. Marciano himself had intervened and paid part of the debt of the Maltese inhabitants to Gonsalvo Monroy to buy back the Maltese islands.

The architectural features we see today may indicate that the palazzo was presumably built under the supervision of Girolamo Cassar or his oeuvre. This Imposing baroque palace may recount the heydays of this opulent period with the sumptuous banquets and balls, and a long line of distinguished guests invited to roam within its grand halls.

During the 19th  century the palazzo had come into the possession
of Cavaliere Giovanni Parisio Muscati. Later on, Alexander De Piro D’Amico Inguanez and his new wife Orsola took up the residence soon after their marriage in 1868. Here they raised a family of seven boys and two girls, one of which was the renowned Monsignor Giuseppe De Piro, founder of the ‘Missionary Society of St.Paul’.

The building itself suggests that during the last two centuries various modifications were carried out to accommodate the different needs of the owners, including the same Alexander de Piro, the last patriarchal owner of this venerable palace. After the demise of Alexander, Orsola took over the management of the house and family.  Orsola was an heiress with several properties including a palace and a small church in the heart of Florence. As a Maltese matriarch, she managed to keep up with both her family and considerable charity works. Orsola pursued her beneficiary work after the death of her devoted husband Alexander.

After World War II, Palazzo De Piro, which then still known as ‘Casa Fortunata’ was sold on by Orsola’s heirs. The new owners, the Dorothean nuns, made extensive structural changes to convert the property into a girls’ school which lasted until the millennium era.

In 2005 the Metropolitan Chapter acquired the palazzo after pursuing all the legal procedures for the possession of this property. The Chapter took the opportunity to substantially invest in restoring and renovating this historical gem to its former glory. After some years of hard work and thought, the palazzo opened its doors for memorable events and relaxing activities.

This magnificent palace offers one of the most spectacular panoramas
of the Maltese coastline ranging from the southern regions of Mqabba
all the way to the northern regions of St Paul’s Bay.

On entering the main door one finds himself in an impressive foyer flanked by highly decorated rooms and leading to a charming central courtyard overlooking the bastions. Various large rooms on the ground floor may offer a suitable space for social gatherings.

The grand staircase embellished with two lovely carved stone sculptures one with the crest of the De Piro and the other representing an elegant dolphin, leads to the piano nobile. One may admire the impressing views of the Maltese landscape while exploring the stunning spacious halls, decked with fine damask wall panels, nice fire places and regal Murano-glass chandeliers. With a little bit of imagination one could picture elegant guests being entertained in these majestic halls.

The palazzo presents a historical edifice which offers a fertile ground for exploration and entrepreneurship in the best possible ways and for the best possible usage of one of the landmarks of Mdina – The Silent City.

The Cathedral citadel has a very potent grip on one of the most panoramic spots on the island.  Perching on the De Redin massive bastions one can explore a stimulating vast space sheltered with bastions of the cathedral church on one side and protected by the walls cascading to the fields below.

This most interesting area is an enticing invitation for any entrepreneur seeking for a new investment. This exciting site would be a perfect space for any occasion which will definitely leave the best and most memorable experience.